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The Circle Awards AUS & NZ 2021 has now closed. Thank you to all who entered and a big congratulations to all winners – full list can be found below. See you next year!

What comes around goes around

The Circle Awards is an annual programme that brings together the diverse businesses, organisations, projects and people adopting circular practices to create a world where nothing goes to waste.

You win, the world wins

Connect to a forward-thinking community

Connect with like-minded people to foster a culture of collaboration and collective growth.

Be recognised for your commitment

Build credibility as one of the pioneers contributing to a world without waste.

Build awareness with new audiences

Stand out as an award-winning business and recruit new customers.


Our jury is composed of a diverse mix of representatives, each bringing a unique perspective and experience, all focused on creating a brighter tomorrow for everyone.

  • Hemant Chaudhary
    Founder & Managing Director,
    Circular Economy Alliance Australia
  • Dean Foley
    Founder & CEO,
    Baramayal Indigenous Entrepreneurship Australia
  • Damon Gameau
    Filmmaker & Author, 2040 & That Sugar Film
  • John Gertsakis
    Director, Product Stewardship Centre of Excellence
  • Dr. Brandon Gien
    CEO, Good Design Australia
  • Prof. Damien Giurco
    Research Director,
    UTS Institute for Sustainable Futures
  • Jason Graham-Nye
    Co-founder & Co-CEO, gDiapers
  • James Griffin
    General Manager Projects & Advisory
    Sustainable Business Network NZ (SBN)
  • Sally Hill
    Founder, Purpose Conference
  • Nick Hoskin
    Co-founder, The World's Most Rubbish
  • Bruce Jeffreys
    Co-founder, GoGet & Dresden Optics
  • Leanne Kemp
    CEO, Everledger
  • Cat Kiv
    Founder, Simple(ish) Living
  • Berry Liberman
    Founder, Small Giants
  • Claire Maloney
    Director & Founder, The Bravery
  • Jess Miller
    Independent Team Councillor, City of Sydney
  • Kate Nelson
    Author, I Quit Plastics: And You Can Too
  • Morgan Reardon
    Lifestyle & Travel Editor, Urban:List
  • Camille Reed
    Founder & Director,
    Australasian Circular Textile Association (ACTA)
  • Anna Ross
    Founder & Director, Kester Black
  • Dr Kar Mei Tang
    Chief Circular Economist, NSW Circular
  • Peter Tullin
    Creative Entrepreneur & Co-Founder, REMIX Summits
  • Tamara Veltre
    Co-founder & Head of Operations, Breathe Architecture
  • Jen Walker
    Head of Public Relations & Communications, Terracycle
  • Andy Walsh
    Business Director, Secret Sounds
You win, the whole world wins

From emerging to established, individuals to organisations, our judging criteria enables a wide range of different submissions to be evaluated on their own merit, regardless of budget, size of project, or scale of resources.

The judging process is officiated by the government funded environment, economic and social body NSW Circular.

  • Innovation

    Does it push boundaries and unlock opportunities that wouldn’t otherwise be possible?
  • Efficiency

    Is it delivering value that’s disproportionate to the resources available to the team?
  • Appeal

    Does it have mainstream appeal and demonstrate a more conscious alternative without compromise?
  • Circularity

    How effectively does it implement Circular practices to deliver a positive and sustainable outcome?
  • Impact

    Is it currently delivering an impact at scale, or does it have the ability to deliver impact at scale?
  • Vision

    Is the current manifestation part of a bigger plan and where does the team see this going?
The future is circular

We are one not so perfect circle of people and businesses on a mission to create a world without waste.

We’re here to demonstrate that choosing more conscious alternatives doesn’t have to mean compromising on quality, cost or experience. We believe that by empowering consumers to make more informed purchases, we can transform the Circular Economy into a viable & valuable mainstream business model that benefits everyone.


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